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Cotton Bags vs Paper Bags- What to Choose and Why

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One can find so many articles on the internet that talk about the benefits of using eco-friendly bags like paper, jute or cotton bags over plastic bags. But there are a limited number of posts that discuss the advantages of paper and cotton bags from the viewpoint of consumers. Today in this article, we will discuss about the price, quality and overall advantages of both.

When purchasing bags for your daily use or even for promotional use for your company, it’s crucial to think about the sort of bag you purchase. The bag will represent your brand and inform customers about it after they leave your store. You will choose an environmentally friendly carrier bag in this case, but you are not sure which one. Cotton bags and paper bags are the two sorts of bags you are arguing about, but which one should you pick? About the pricing, the cost of your bag is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider. In an ideal example, everyone would like to pay as low as possible for saving money for other expenses. It applies to both consumers and business holders. Paper bags are typically far less expensive than cotton bags since they are easier to make, require less labour to manufacture and can be produced in large quantities. When it comes to paper shopping bags, they typically cost around $1 each, whereas cotton bags can range from $2 to $4 for each unit, depending on how many you purchase and how you customise them. Price will therefore undoubtedly be a factor in your decision. The Durability Aspect Everyone wishes to invest in a durable bag for their company promotion or personal use. From the business point of view, a durable bag is meant to serve as an advertisement for your company. So, the bag needs to be sturdy. End users will think about reusability and sturdiness too!

Let’s discuss how long-lasting each choice is. Some paper bag types will last longer than others, depending on the quality and brand you choose. You might go with a laminated paper bag over one that has not been laminated - precisely because it will last a little longer. If you hail from a country where it rains frequently, your paper bags will likely only last 1 or 2 months after you buy one. Depending on the climate you reside in, paper bags can have a lower or higher shelf life. On the other hand, you can probably imagine how long a cotton bag will endure. Cotton is a material that will last a lifetime if you take care of it. As they are washable and reusable, the climate factor just doesn’t work here. Paper bags are also prone to tear and unable to carry not much weight as a cotton bag. In case your cotton bags get wet, it can be a pathetic situation to reuse them.

The Environmental POV

Now it’s time to discuss about environmental issues. What environmental problems does each of the options present? Well, even though paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones, the paper does have certain drawbacks - specifically against cotton bags. The chopping down of trees still has a significant negative impact on the environment since paper bags still need to be made from trees. To extend the lifespan of their paper bags, several companies choose to laminate them with plastic. However, this process still takes many years to disintegrate in landfills. With cotton bags, you don’t experience any of these problems.

Custom Prints

Both paper bags and cotton bags can produce vivid colours. That’s why the majority of businesses choose paper and cotton bags for custom printing as a tool to promote their brand, service & products. But as we have said earlier, paper bags do not have a healthy affair with water and are easy to tear, custom prints on the paper bags wouldn’t last for more days. So, it’s better to stick with cotton instead.


In conclusion, cotton definitely has more advantages than paper; however, you get to decide which one you like. We believe it is always wise to choose what is best for your company, your daily use & what protects nature. And if cost is a problem, paper bags can be your best option. Cotton bags are better for the environment and would be recommended if you operate a really eco-friendly firm.

Wrapping Up Here!