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Leading cotton bags & canvas bags manufacturer in Kolkata

OMEGA OVERSEAS is an Eco-friendly cotton canvas bags manufacturing & exporting company in India. We manufacture and supply canvas shopping bags, canvas promotional bags, canvas tote bags, canvas promotional tote bags, cotton drawstring bags, canvas drawstring bags, canvas grocery bags, canvas tote bags, printed canvas shopping bags and canvas conference bags from Kolkata, India. We supply premium quality 100% Eco-friendly natural bags to our clients. We are a leading cotton shopping bags manufacturer in India.


We are a leading home textiles manufacturer and exporter in India. We export our cotton bags and home textiles in UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan & Netherlands. Promote your brand creatively & economically with our cotton canvas bags. If you are planning to use natural bags for promotional purposes, you can buy directly from us with your own customisation. We can ship anywhere in the world. For cheaper shipping, you should order a minimum of 5000 bags. We are finest quality canvas shopping bags exporter in Kolkata, India.


All our products are divided into few categories such as Carry bags, Promotional bags, Conference bags, Fashion bags & Home textiles. We have various types of tote bags and home textiles that are made of cotton, canvas and linen. Cotton carry bags are lightweight, cheap and foldable. Laminated cotton carry bags are durable, cheap but not foldable. Canvas carry bags are heavy, little costly and foldable. Our all carry bags are 100% Eco-friendly and reusable. If we compare the cost and quality our bags are far better than China or Vietnam.


We manufacture only Eco-friendly canvas promotional tote bags which are made of cotton, canvas & linen. We use only AZO free water-based colours for printing so any country can use our products. We are leading canvas tote bags manufacturer and exporter in India.


Our Eco-friendly natural bags are mainly used by developed countries like UK, US, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Belgium etc. But we want that natural bags should be used by the whole world. Perhaps people think that cotton bags are costly than polythene bags but if we go through a calculation, we can find the actual truth. Suppose a single polythene bag cost is USD0.02, if we use 30 bags per month it costs USD0.06 so for 2 months we expend USD1.20 just to carry our everyday articles. If we use a cotton bag it costs USD1.20 and it can be used at least 90 days. Most important thing is cotton bags are extremely safer than polythene bags. So if we use cotton bags we can save our money as well as the environment. We should share this message to everybody so every people can avail this opportunity. Every year polythene bags make our world dirty. One or two countries can’t change this situation if every country does not take a positive step.


Nowadays promotional canvas bags are the most popular promotional item to promote business or brand. Most of the corporate groups are using canvas or cotton bags to promote their business since both are Eco-friendly fabrics. We recommend canvas bags instead of jute bags for using in this purpose since canvas bags have more usability than jute bags. Printing is the most vital factor of a promotional bag so we recommend canvas bags since printing quality on these bags are always great! A canvas bag can be used more than a year so your message or brand will live for more than a year but for jute bags it’s not more than  3 months. So you should be very careful before choosing your promotional bags. We use 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz canvas fabrics to make canvas promotional bags and for printing only Azo-free water-based colours. For printing, we always suggest for using the maximum printing area on the bags. Bigger font is more visible so people can watch it very clearly from long distance. When we design a promotional bag for you, our main target is to reach the maximum number of audiences so you can get more business.

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