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As per your choice
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As a great alternate to plastic bags, the canvas bags have the advantage of being reusable, washable and simple to carry. They can be folded & store at any time. The profited versions of canvas bags are quite popular around the world.

At Omega Overseas, we are a leading canvas printed bags manufacturer & exporter in India. Omega Overseas is the place where you can source canvas printed bags at great prices with unmatched quality. One can use this as a tote bag or shopping purpose with ease. Our canvas printed bags are sturdy, sustainable and cost-effective in long run. Canvas material stands eco-friendly, do not cause any harm to environment by any mean.

We use various kinds of canvas fabrics to craft our collection of canvas printed bags. Still we recommend using 10x06/76x28-325 GSM fabric and 16x08/84x28-225 GSM canvas fabric for effective productivity. We offer full customization.